This is How I Chose to Live a more Conscious Life

It’s been years since I last wrote here on my blog and finally sharing something! When I started to create this website I was dreaming of becoming one of those backpacker girls who shares their travels, itineraries, and tips on the road (tons of them here on the world wide web and they are all awesome!). Years after that I realized it wasn’t really for me. I looove writing, but I’m honestly not an everyday writer. So from now on, I would love to write here focusing more on life lessons, stories, and experiences that I think is worth sharing. Without any pressure and deadlines. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I wanted to share something that I believe is very important to reflect on. It is about how do we actually live our life. I started observing each and every part of my life, making my own decisions in life based on my truth and values and not following whatever it was that society told was right or going with the crowd.

18119343_10209322163996428_1225381330255711160_nAnd this is how I chose to live a more conscious life:


It was just recently when I realized how important knowing your core values are. When you know what principles or standards of behavior and judgment of what is important in your life, every decision you make are easier. Finding out your core values can be hard and can be overwhelming, at least it was like that for me in the beginning so I started to search for a guide to really evaluate myself, wrote down what truly makes me happy and I came down to 5 and this I am certain are my core values: Relationship, Health, Freedom, Growth, and Contribution. Knowing this I can easily focus on what really matters and avoid circumstances that don’t interest me.


I am so in love with the idea of simplicity. I have been following people who are more into minimalism and it has been doing great with my overall life. Minimalism is not about sacrifice, it’s about getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t matter. Accepting only the things that serve you purpose. It’s not giving up everything, it’s figuring out what is actually important to you and by these, you have more time, energy and resources including money to spend more on those important things.


Consuming mindfully has a lot of departments, It could be about how you consume social media, the news, the food that you are eating, and how you are spending your hard earned money. Our clothes, for example, we make a statement when we purchase a brand. I personally become more aware of whom my money is going to and what interests my money supports. Our entertainment, we should know that the sights and sounds can inspire our creativity and stir our soul. We should be more aware of what we are watching and listening to. All of these has a great effect on how we process and impacts our life including our mental health. And so I believe that assessing all of these is very important considering this millennial age.


Experiences to me are the most valuable in life! Be it a travel, a new food, a new culture, a book or something silly. :)) One of the very best things about experiences is that it lasts a lifetime and involves learning. Not only is the act of learning is fun and rewarding but you will broaden your horizons as a person, giving yourself fun new activities that you can participate while expanding your social circle at the same time. Spending your time and money on the development of new skills is a fantastic way to meet new people and explore new avenues of life. Expanding yourself as a person will expand the ways in which you can experience joy, there is almost no downside. So explore often, embrace risk and appreciate little things. ๐Ÿ™‚


Of all here, this is probably one of the challenges I struggle with. I love planning and thinking ahead that sometimes I am forgetting to live in the moment. Focusing on the task at hand, focusing on what we have in the now is very crucial. Slowing down and seeking silence; I find that very beneficial too. And if sometimes when I am feeling anxious and worried, I always remind myself by taking a deep breath and whisper to myself “Live in a present moment, Grace.” It is working for me!


“Be more careful in choosing your friends. You become more like the people you surround yourself with. Let go of the negative people in your life.” is probably the most sensible advice we can get in life. I no longer keep people in my life that doesn’t align with my values. I have very few and that is okay. Relationships with our faith, our family, our partner and most importantly our relationship with ourselves. I learned to love myself, to listen to my body, to my feelings and prioritize it. Because in the end, it’s not our skills, not even our education matters, it is our relationships really matters the most. <3

Being more mindful allows us to live more purposefully. It is the awareness that leads to clarity and intentional action. I am happy that I get to practice a more conscious life, I feel better than ever before! ๐Ÿ™‚

How about you? Do you practice a more conscious life? I would love to hear about it!

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