17th February 2018, Henning and I officially turned the most exciting chapter of our life. Our wedding day was simple, intimate, meaningful and fun. Just like how I wanted it to be. To be with someone within a marriage is something I took seriously, I mean really serious, not only for myself but choosing the right one for my future children. I remember myself writing down in my journal the qualities I want my future partner posses. Integrity, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Someone who has a purpose, someone who is committed to learning and growing. Someone who perseveres and knows how to deal with adversity and challenges in life. And someone who looks after his health, who don’t smoke and of course, good looking!

When I am deeply knowing Henning, I knew it, I knew this is the partner I would love to be with for the rest of my life, to share my ambitions with. His calmness and gentleness and his unselfishness to support my goals. I knew that he is exactly the guy I wrote on a piece of paper and prayed for. It never crosses my mind that my man is from the other side of the world, a Norwegian named Henning Wulff (that I never new Henning as a name exist, haha), someone who is a high-quality man and kind-hearted, and from the other side of the world! Oh universe, you really don’t know how it will surprise you!


I had realized that it is not about having the same hobbies or interests in life or the same faith in God or religion you both have. But having the same core values you both live in is the most important. Henning and I had differences, a lot of them, growing with different cultures are sometimes challenging but always worth it. I love discovering a lot of things just because we grew up in a totally opposite upbringing. Yes, most Norwegians are Atheist, and most Filipinos are Catholics which we actually are. Some friends would ask me, how it is to have a partner having different beliefs in your faith. My personal take is, I value the character of a person rather than the label of being a religious person. I see Henning as a child of God too, we all are. And I’m happy that he respects my beliefs and opinions, and so am I to him. Waiting and mindfully picking a partner to enter a marriage really paid off! I cherish the maturity, respect and the kind of love we have for each other.

Marriage, in my opinion, is the biggest decision one ever will make. And it won’t be easy, just don’t stop claiming it. I did have that kind of mindset, that everything I want in life will come to me and I claim it! I just knew that I won’t settle for anything less and choosing Henning was the best decision I have made. His love is what I know I deserve!

Choosing the right one and marrying is just the beginning. I knew a man like my husband is a good person, but it doesn’t stop there. I knew that I too should possess all those characters I am expecting my partner will be.

I can’t express enough how excited for what is ahead for us in this new beginning. A big chapter where we build our own family! And I know for sure, it will be beautiful!

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