My Minimal Intimate Wedding

When Henning and I got engaged we immediately know we want it to be simple, small and budget-friendly. Our main goal on our wedding day was to focus entirely on our union and the joining of our two families. Unfortunately, my family couldn’t come as originally planned because of my papers being in need to settle quickly. When we knew that my family couldn’t come, Henning asked me If I would like to elope instead, so no families on both sides will be there. I love Elopement but In my opinion, it would be more meaningful if we could include at least his family and our few friends. So that’s what we’ve decided on. We planned to have our Civil Wedding in Norway and then have our renewal of vows in the Philippines in the future. Even though there is no one in my family member present on our wedding day, we had what I can call a perfect wedding! It was fun, intimate and budget-friendly, exactly what Henning and I wanted! We didn’t want to spend too much money on our wedding day. We have a common goal to save up and invest most of our money to be on our way to retire early, so spending a lot of money on our wedding day is out of our picture.

So we began planning our wedding day in a few weeks, stress-free and mindfully. I wrote down everything in my planner, our budget and things that are most important on our wedding day.

My Dress

Originally, It was planned for me to rent a second-hand dress either in Norway or in the Philippines. But the time frame for me to return the dress in the Philippines would give me so much hassle. Used wedding dresses in Norway is overflowing! I could have chosen to just go for that option, instead, I bought my dress from Apartment 8 Clothing in the Philippines which saved me a LOT of money and got the style exactly how I wanted to look.

My Shoes

From my closet which I owned for 2 years now.

My Hair and Makeup

My best friend/ maid of honor was so kind to help me done my hair and makeup and I love how I look on that day. So lucky because as much as I wanted to do my own make, I am not really that good at it.

Bouguet and Boutonniere

I planned to DIY this as well, but the cost of buying each flower and materials will cost me the same if I will just ask them to do it in the shop. Our wedding theme was minimalistic with white and greeneries and my bouquet was done very well and was very satisfied!

His Suit and Shoes

It’s pretty mandatory for Norwegians to have their suit and shoes to pair it with as they wear it a lot of times in a year. Henning needed a new size for his suit so he got a new one.

Our Ring

I wanted something that came from the Philippines for our wedding, so we chose to get our ring there. Handmade and pre-ordered so we got what we wanted, for it to be simple and plain.


I didn’t want to produce waste after our wedding, and invitations normally will just end up in the trash bin. So I cut this out and opt for digital invitations instead. I designed it myself and didn’t feel that we are missing out on something.

Wedding Cake

Made by a Filipina that bakes delicious cakes and really talented with styling it. I love how simple and minimal my cake was and it tasted yummy!


Food on our wedding day is one of the most important things we wanted to spoil ourselves and our guests. So we checked out high rated restaurants that have a private room and can accommodate not less than 15 people. We picked Christiania Restaurant. It was really great because it’s just 5 minutes walk from the Oslo City Hall and we didn’t hassle on the table setting and styles! Food was great, and we got the privacy we wanted to enjoy that night.

Wedding Photos

Engagement pictures are not that important to me but Wedding pictures are one of those things that I don’t want to drop. I think everyone will agree. I luckily found a Filipino photographer to just take photos that night. We didn’t get it the whole event though. We just prefer to have highlights of our big day! I am quite satisfied with the photos, the SG media is truly talented and knows how to listen to what their customer wanted. Our photos turned very natural as I requested it with no filters, and it was with high quality, Henning and I are quite satisfied with it!

These are basically the things that we put effort and money on. We didn’t buy giveaways for the guests and material gifts for each other as a couple. We have lots of things that we didn’t follow in a traditional wedding and it’s totally okay.

Our wedding day was one of the best, blissful days I ever had. It was calm, stress-free, laughter filled, relationship focussed and with meaning. The entire day was just a happy celebration of our union and there is nothing I would have changed or done differently.





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