We are going to be parents of a baby girl! Life changed as soon as I discovered I was pregnant. I mean, growing a human being inside me? I am still amazed what a woman’s body capable of. As I am monitoring my fertility monthly, Henning and I knew from the very beginning about the high chance that I am pregnant last December 2017. So from the day of conception, we are already betting that we are soon entering another exciting chapter of our life. It was new year’s eve when I took the pregnancy test and was in the Philippines having our vacation. So yes, It’s true I’m entering the most rewarding role of motherhood! Henning and I announced it right away after the countdown. I was very happy to be announcing it in person with my whole family!

Having a child is something I knew I wanted in my future, and I planned to have that responsibility when I am fully capable. Capable of not just giving love, but to be present, to learn and understand the minds of children and respectfully raising them. I am so much excited of what I can teach, grow and learn on this journey as I am becoming a parent. I have always been dedicated of having a healthy lifestyle and that dedication just have been doubled knowing that my baby is developing inside me every single day. Reading parenting books is also part of my daily routine now, I really believe that parents should invest on educating and continues a lifelong investment. This is one of the things where i wanted to be good at. I wanted to be good with my relationships, especially to my own family.

As I go along with my pregnancy journey, I wanted to document it here on my blog. More on about the things that I am learning and discovering, gaining skills and tools to become a better parent. And if you are at stage where you are also pregnant or have kids and chose to be more conscious and aware about parenting, let’s have some chat! <3

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