Aiming for a Natural, Unmedicated Childbirth


Synthetic or natural, processed or organic. I would definitely choose the latter. I love all things natural and that applies to my overall lifestyle. So when I got pregnant, there is no doubt I want to make this happen naturally. The moment I knew, I immediately searched for pregnancy and childbirth books that are focusing on what a woman’s body really capable of, a guide that would encourage me that I should not be scared and trust the process.

The Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and The Mama Natural week by week guide is amazingly very thorough with the information that they gave, both offers different guides but with the same vision, so I’m happy that I got this two. As a nursing student when I was in my college, I have witnessed quite a lot of pregnant women giving birth. Maternal and Child Health Nursing is my most favorite subject, I still remember the knowledge I acquired but reading this natural approach surprised me in a lot of ways. The positioning of a mother’s giving birth for instance. Lying on your back and trying to push is not only a hard work against gravity but it could lead to tearing or sometimes the need for episiotomy, compression caused by the baby’s weight on the mother’s major blood vessels (leading to a less circulation between mother and baby). The benefits of upright positions in labor like stronger rushes and better alignment of the baby to pass through the pelvis just outweigh the reasons as to why women giving birth have to lay on her back. In fact, it was mention in the book that lying on her back is mainly for the benefit of the doctors or nurses to speed the delivery.

I also aim to not rely on epidurals or pitocin. As it evidently benefits both the mother and the baby to release natural oxytocin to have contractions and to deliver the baby. But I am not against epidurals nor am I against women who choose to get epidurals. I strongly believe that we all have the freedom to choose what we want for our body. I don’t have any less respect for women who choose epidurals and I don’t think I’m stronger or smarter just because of choosing a natural childbirth. I just feel that this will work best for me so I invested time, money and energy into knowing deeply about natural childbirth. I have done reading the two books that I’ve mentioned above and acquiring those information made me feel stronger and more eager to prepare myself for a natural labor.

Natural and unmedicated childbirth not only benefits the mother but the baby as well. Below is just SOME of the benefits that I have learned 

Avoid the cascade of interventions. Each unnecessary intervention has the potential to lead to more interventions, including c-section. When birth begins on its own and continues on its own time, the mother is less likely to need these interventions.

Better breastfeeding right after delivery. The most important time for establishing a breastfeeding relationship is in the minutes and hours just after birth. If the mother and baby are sleepy, groggy or disoriented, they are much more likely to miss the opportunity to begin breastfeeding at the optimal time. C-sections have also been associated with difficulty in breastfeeding (mostly because of hospital protocol getting in the way), and also with delayed onset of milk production due to the blunt in hormonal cascades that normally occur in natural birth.

Quicker Recovery Without the haze of drugs or the soreness of surgery, mothers who experience natural childbirth are able to recover quickly and be present right after birth. Moms experience an oxytocin high which gives them a boost of energy to cuddle their baby and begin skin-to-skin touching, breastfeeding and eye contact, which in turn enhances the oxytocin cascade. Many mothers are up and walking around shortly after natural birth.

Safer for baby After an epidural, babies are less alert, less able to orient themselves, and have less organized movements for as long as a month after birth. Your body and the placenta help the baby to eliminate toxins while he is in your uterus. However, once he is born, his newborn liver will need to do it alone, which means it sometimes takes longer for babies to get rid of drugs and toxins in their system.

Natural Childbirth is empowering. 

” I envision a natural, peaceful birth. Pregnancy is not a medical condition. It is a beautiful yet completely ordinary part of life.” 

Our mind is the most powerful tool if you think that you can’t do this and process the pain then that it is going to be. The calmer we can stay during labor the more our body is going to release endorphins which is a feel-good chemical that helps your body to relax and cope with the pain. Our body will produce sufficient amount of chemicals it needs to get through labor. So I always keep in my mind that my mind works for me and not against me.



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