Bump for Joy: My 1st Trimester Pregnancy

The first trimester marks the time of quick change for both of the mother and the baby. The little heart starts beating at just five weeks, and by 12 weeks baby’s major systems and organs will be in place! For some women, pregnancy symptoms come on immediately and intensely. Morning sickness and fatigue can happen as early as five weeks along! For other women, the first trimester passes without a single symptom. And in my case, I would say I’m in between.

My First Trimester Symptoms:

Breast Tenderness – I had this at the very beginning even before I missed my period.

Cramping – A really painful one. It’s like whenever I’m about to have my menstruation (so I thought that I am just about to have my period, but not) but even stronger cramps.

Bloating – I was very bloated and this was the time when I am just around 4 weeks but looks like 12 weeks already. hahaha

Fatigue – EXTREME FATIGUE! No energy at all even for food. This period is when I can’t do anything but lay on the bed, I can’t go out and clean our house or cook food! it actually killed our plants! hahaha

No Appetite – Zero desire for food, which I hated.

Acid Reflux – a Disgusting feeling that was very often to happen in my last part of the first trimester.

Frequent Urge to Urinate – My sleep during the night was disturbed just for me to pee.

Nausea and Vomiting – I vomited six times in the mornings (upon waking up, when my stomach is empty, which made it painful to just vomit liquids) in my whole first-trimester pregnancy.

Our first Ultrasound of our baby, she is just less than 5 weeks here and a sac. 


Take prenatal vitamins – We were in the Philippines having our Christmas vacation when I found out that I was pregnant. So I immediately bought prenatal vitamins there, especially folic acid.

Calculate my due date – I am glad that I am quite knowledgeable about fertility and conception. So I did calculate mine immediately, though it turned different when I had my ultrasound because It was more accurate than counting from your menstruation.

Decide Who/When/How to tell – The first person that I’d told was, of course, my now husband. We would always talked about me being pregnant, now it was real! We decided to tell it right away in our families and closest friends in person and later after the first trimester on our social media accounts.

Schedule a prenatal checkup – I immediately made an appointment with a doctor in the Philippines, because I was having a sharp pain only on my right abdomen. I was worried I am having an Ectopic pregnancy, so It was such a relief when It was shown on the ultrasound that everything is fine.

Search how is the system works in Norway for pregnant women – Then I checked out how is it going to be when we travel back to Norway. Apparently, the very first prenatal checkup is when you reach 12 weeks on your pregnancy. So I had to wait.

Buy natural pregnancy books – I was so excited to learn more about my pregnancy, and how can I do better to have a healthy growing baby inside me. Natural-focused is what appeals me more so I bought the one that advocates natural childbirth and guide.

Download a pregnancy app – I chose pregnancy+ app because it is so thorough with a weekly guide, tracking features and more! The daily articles are so helpful too.

Make a nutritious meal plan – This, remained a plan when I was in my first trimester. I was terrible at eating, I have no appetite at all. But I was good at not eating processed or junk food. I would eat healthy meals but not three times daily.

Rid off any harmful chemicals on my personal and cleaning products – It was already a practiced even before I got pregnant, but I became more strict since then.

Start documenting my pregnancy journey – I got myself a pregnancy journal book and it is fun to fill it up. I am sure it will be funny to look back in the future too.

Take a “before” photo

I’m 8 weeks pregnant here! I pushed myself hard at that time to take a picture of my first-trimester bump even if I was so drained. It was worth it!


FIND SUPPORT – Pregnancy is a long, emotional journey. Especially your needs will be higher in the first trimester, ask for help whenever you feel like you can’t do it. Like having someone to prepare your breakfast and have it on your bedside is a very helpful one to start your day.

SLEEP – Your body is working hard, you need that extra rest! Take it while you can!

STOP STRESSING – Being pregnant already increases your stress levels and anxiety, don’t fuel it with online discussion boards about horror stories with pregnancy or read stressful information in books. If it is something that might make you worry or give you negative thoughts, save yourself the stress and skip it. You are already working hard enough to create that little person, don’t spend extra energy worrying and stressing about things you read.

I am very lucky that my husband is very supportive of me, and always willing to help when I ask for it. At times, I would worry if my baby is really growing, because I don’t feel that my tummy is getting bigger, it is so silly for me to stress on that but my partner would always assure that I am doing good.

This time is a period of critical development for the baby,  it is important to rest, stay healthy and take those prenatal vitamins!

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