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If there is one thing I would have to embrace in my life, it would be keeping things simple. For over three years now, I have started to live minimally and conscious of what I am consuming. And from that decision I never looked back. My overall life, is in fact way better than I was before – wanting to have more things and the feeling that I lack so much. My life is so much happier and easier and with this practice I noticed that I function best! Today I would like to share some things that helped me a lot towards to a simpler life:


Organizing and decluttering can be daunting with some people, but there are a lot of guides out there that will help you to make it easy. Start by category and take it slowly for example.Β Surround yourself with what you use, need and love. Ditch what is not meaningful, valuable and useful I love organizing and decluttering, it’s one of the best feeling when I know my things are in order, it makes a huge difference.


I love thrifting, I often go to thrift shop whenever I need something. What I like about thrifting is that, you can find a lot of unique item, save money and the environment too! As for shopping, one of the rules I have is to take a step back and wait for a few days before I immediately by an item. Sometimes, I would even take a picture of it and see if it’s still in my mind, and if it is then I go andΒ  get it.


I LOVE making a list. it’s a life saver for me to keep my brain organize. I noticed that by doing this, I don’t overdue or underdo things that I need to accomplish, and it is just an awesome feeling to cross out bullets that you know you have already done. There’s a lot of ways to get creative in making a list, if you are not the pen and notebook type of person. You can simply use your notes on your mobile or have an app that offers different options.


It feels good whenever I disconnect myself from my mobile every morning and evening. I personally did mine, and I find myself sleeping better and waking up better when I do my routine, to slow down read and drink my cup of tea. Though I am not perfect with this and still trying to be consistent, I knew for a fact that by doing this, I only get better results on the daily basis. So I try my best to stick with it.


If and when possible, deal with things as you go. It feels great to have things done. There’s this 1 minute rule that if you can get things done in a minute you should do it without delay. Things like, making your bed, putting your dirty clothes to it’s right place, clearing out your kitchen every meal.. And before you know it, this will all become a habit that you don’t actually need to think about. A whole bunch of little things, that needs to be done can add up.


Living a simple life, helped me with my mental health as well. I am learning to not rush things in my life, to not do all the things at once and to try to live in the moment. As a person who likes to plan everything, I often sometimes forget that now is the most important, that too much of planning can overwhelm me and end up not doing my best in the present moment. I am still learning, and I am glad I founf the benefits of practicing slow living.



This is one of the things I admire in a Norwegian culture. They make their home a cozy place. Letting their mind and body rest by keeping their home inviting as it can be. Making your home and how you design it is personal so consider what feels good for you.


I’m an advocate of self-care. I believe that if a personal is taking care of herself first, often have the most capability to help others. I am at my best to people around me when I prioritize myself. Life becomes easier to handle if we just won’t forget our own sanity first.


I noticed that when I am beginning to feel down or stressed, often it is because I am not outside for a long time to enjoy the nature. I believe human beings are made to connect with our environment, I believe that it keeps us inspired and grateful. So go out, feel the ground, touch the leaves and smell fresh air!


I love saying yes to opportunities, to adventures and new things. But learning to say no is a vital part of success too. Knowing what is your priority and what can add value to you is important to make a decision when you will say yes or no. Learning to value your own time can eliminate unnecessary things to happen.

“You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.”

I hope you found these tips valuable to leading a life of simplicity. Are you practicing some of these too or do you have any suggestions to live a simpler life?



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