Bump for Joy: My 2nd Trimester Pregnancy

The second trimester is considered the “golden period” of pregnancy. Some of the challenging first trimester symptoms, such as fatigue and nausea, have most likely subsided, but you aren’t yet waddling around with the full-blown aches and pains of the third trimester. You will start to show off your bump very soon, and you will be able to feel fetal movements, and also discovering the baby’s sex if desired.

During this trimester, your baby grows from about 3 to 11 inches in length. He or she also goes from weighing less than an ounce to nearly 2 pounds. The senses of touch, sound, and sight develop dramatically during these weeks, preparing Baby for the outside world.

My Second Trimester Symptoms:

Weight Gain: a total of 6.8 kilos gained weight. I didn’t really gain during first trimester of pregnancy. I honestly think that I gained low from the average which worries me, but my midwife said that I am still within the normal range.

Nosebleed: not dripping blood kind of nosebleed but the solid kind. I am having pollen allergy this spring season and my nasal mucus comes with solid blood in it.

Gums are Easy to bleed: Consistently happening whenever I floss my teeth.

Hated meat, mostly beef: I have no appetite with meat especially the smell of beef. I can managed to eat sometimes, but there are days that I can’t really take it.

Very emotional, easy to cry and get irritated: I highlighted this one because I think a lot of us forgets that being sensitive is one of the major symptoms of being pregnant. I don’t usually get irritated by small things even if I am a sensitive kind of person to start with but it is hard to control it sometimes.

I have other symptoms that I didn’t have the whole second trimester. Some of them only occurred during the early second trimester (probably around 14th week to 20th week), and on later second trimester (21st week to 27th week).

Early Second Trimester

Still no appetite: Still no desire for food like my first trimester.

No food aversions: Weird.

Heartburn: I struggled a bit with this one, but it didn’t happened all the time.

Hiccups and Burps: Lots of it.

Pain on belly when sneezing: I’ve research about this and there are other women that experienced the same.

Back pain: Mild pain on my lower back

Linea Nigra: Started to show during my 19th week.

Late Second Trimester

Mild pain on belly area: Literally feels that my uterus is expanding!

Braxton Hicks Contractions: These are intermittent uterine contractions that happens in early pregnancy. Based on what I read, the uterus is just getting ready for labour when right time comes. I had twice or thrice and it was painful but bearable.

Dark lines on neck; Dark underarm; Darkened and larger Areola; Pigmentation around belly button: Not sexy but somehow I liked that It’s showing up these body changes in mine. It only means that my hormones are working for my growing baby.


Date I first felt the baby move: I was sitting and doing something on my laptop when I felt her first kick, I’m at around 15 weeks at that time. it was so distinct that I knew for sure wasn’t a movement from my digestive system but her.

How I felt at this moment: I was surprised and happy but I doubted it a little bit if that was really the baby that time around. During my first trimester on my 8th week, I was completely in awe when I am literally feeling the heartbeat of the baby when I am touching my belly, turns out it was my placenta. It was my husband that said it to me that it’s nearly impossible with his research, and later on on my ultrasound appointment, we found out that my placenta is anterior, which makes sense. So when I felt that first kick, I was very careful to assume again haha.

Date my partner first felt the baby move: My husband would always cuddle my belly since we found out i’m pregnant, and finally at 19 weeks he felt the movement for the first time!

My partner’s reaction: He was very happy, he would talk to our baby and say good night to her every night too, so precious!


My partner and I have decided to learn the baby’s sex as soon as possible. So when I was scheduled for an ultrasound at 16 weeks, we looked forward for it! I was laughing so loud when we found out that we are having a girl!

Things I look forward to about having a girl: Our bonding as a mother and daughter. Girls are more expressive and sweet in my opinion, so I really look forward to that!

Date we learned the baby’s sex: March 26, 2018

How we felt when we found out: We are honestly fine if the gender is either way but my husband’s family are all boys and the chances of having a girl is less, so when we found it out that our first born is a girl, I was really really glad!


A few of my second trimester indulgences (I don’t regret them one bit): French fries!

What I have bought for baby this trimester:

Baby Clothes – I bought a big package of beautiful baby clothes in size 0-1 month for 500 kroner, and they were about 60 pcs! In Norway, baby clothes costs from 129-299 per piece (depending on which brand, it can go up to 1,000 kr each) so how crazy cheap that deal that I got! Baby clothes are not really worn for a long time, so shopping second hand was never a big deal for me, they are in good condition, mostly in organic cotton plus I don’t have to deal with the chemicals on the clothes when they are new. I plan to sell them again when the baby grew out of it.

Cloth Diapers – Shopped second hand as well! I managed to complete my stash for cloth diapers at this time, sizes from birth up to 3 months and some up until she is potty trained. I will talk more about cloth diapers in the future. This is one of the things I am so excited to do when the baby comes!

What I have bought for myself this trimester:

Gym Ball – I love that I got a gym ball! I am sitting on it while writing this actually.

Pregnancy Pillow – Sleep is so so important for me, so no doubt I would do everything to have a better sleep!

Maternity Clothes – I like showing up my baby bump! So instead of up sizing my cloth size, I bought an appropriate maternity clothes and they were so comfortable!

Belly Band – I thought that I will wore this often in my pregnancy, I still feel light without a belly support. Probably it will be useful when I’m on my third trimester.

Parenting books – I started reading the RIE parenting approach on my second trimester, next is the Montessori books that I’ve been looking forward!

Membership on Pregnancy Gym – Not a cheap membership but I am happy being there, meeting new moms and doing prenatal exercises leading by licensed  physiotherapist. I say it’s worth it!


STAY CONSISTENT ON HEALTHY FOOD AND BODY MOVEMENT  – Sometimes I would fall off the wagon in staying consistent about eating more vegetables. Everyday I am trying to remind myself to live by the day and that great results comes from our daily good habits.

DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF – Stop all the worries!

ACKNOWLEDGE THAT BEING SO EMOTIONAL IS TOTALLY NORMAL – At this time of my pregnancy, my emotions and moods are easily changing. I knew I am not that kind of person, so I would just breath in and out to check on myself and stop being affected heavily by other people or an unpleasant circumstances.


Overall, I feel really great during the second trimester. Remember how I felt on my first trimester makes me appreciate that I don’t feel so sick at this stage. My baby bump is already showing but at the same time I feel really light and I can move as usual and the gift of feeling the baby’s movement everyday is just so amazing!



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