I have always wanted to have a creative outlet to practice my writing, to share my learnings and experiences with others but then I cannot just fit in myself to one topic. I knew I am a multi-passionate that wants to learn new things and just can’t stop talking and thinking about other ideas to improve my overall lifestyle. I knew that I am passionate about personal growth. And so, I have created Always on the Growth. It is a platform that has a passion for improving one’s lifestyle altogether. I wanted a simple life that is rich in self-improvement.

Here at Always on the Growth, you will find lots about of:


I love home, I treat it as my sanctuary. And everything that goes into my space is carefully thought of. We are living a minimalist lifestyle and practicing sustainability. I would love to share habits and inspirations that I found very helpful for us to live a simple, slow and meaningful home.


It still amazes me of what a woman’s love and body capable of doing. And as I enter this big chapter in my life, I am super excited about what motherhood could teach me. I like learning about natural healthy pregnancy and respectful parenting


I could never look pass over my health, I knew I am better with everything I want to achieve if I prioritize health. I am everyday learning about how can I better myself by taking care of my own body and my family. I feel empowered, and so I love to dig in more for information about nutritious food, natural beauty, and fitness.


Personal growth is where my passion is, I constantly want to learn and experience something! Books that inspire and change my life, building good habits and self-improvement and awareness.


Saving tips, frugal living, investments, earn other income is just some of the things I am continuously learning from my husband. Freedom and contribution are our main values in life, and being smart with money brings us closer to our goals. We have a mutual goal to retire early and not be dependent on the paycheque. I am so excited for what the future holds, for I know how financial freedom can be powerful!


I have always been an outdoor and adventurous kind of girl. And travels would always be part of my life. I’m glad I’ve been to a lot of places and that I could go this far! Slow traveling is what appeals me more rather than just checking out on the list of the places I want to be in. Exploring foods, meeting a different kind of people and experiencing cultures is just a pure bliss to me!

I am born and raised in the Philippines and now living in Norway. I hope by making this blog I can make a way to meet others and connect with people who also want to improve every aspect of their lives. I wanted to talk about things that really matter in our lives and true to our values. In here I will share tips and advice that I have learned as I go on this journey, I would love to collaborate with anyone that has great ideas and inspirations. Please feel free to connect on Contact Page, I look forward to hearing from you!

Love and gratitude,

❤ Grace